Friday Update:

By Hannah and Ryan

In our final distribution of water filters this morning, we worked to fix human error in drilling and assembly that was causing leaks. The leaders of the church were helping us tinker with the problems so that they will be confident in their knowledge of the filters once we leave.

We drove to a nearby village to have lunch and then headed to a small shop that sells hand-woven materials. The shop employs only women and their products are sold through fair trade organizations around the world. We got to see some women spinning thread, stitching fabric, and using large wooden looms to weave the threads into intricate designs. We bought scarfs and sarees to wear tonight to celebrate the culture.

Today was our last day of sports camp. We split into groups for stations. The children were so eager to play the games that we hardly had to give instruction. Between each station, they rehydrated by drinking out of the Sawyer water filters. We ended with our favorite game, Monkeys and Rhinos, and our loud cheer. The children were running around saying “Be Strong, Be True, Let’s Go Hope” for the rest of the night.

As the evening progressed, plastic chairs were arranged outside filled with the people of the village. The families sat facing the staff who took care of us, including our cooks, drivers, and church leaders. As a demonstration of service to one another, we took time washing each other’s feet. It was a humbling experience.

The girls changed into the sarees we bought earlier today. It was special to have the women help us get dressed and share their region’s style with us. We had an outdoor service, packed with tribal dances, music and songs in Boro tongue, sermons from JP and James, and audio bible distribution. Along with the rest of us, JP was so impacted by the foot washing that he changed his sermon to remphasize the humility in serving others and allowing others to serve you.

Saying goodbye was the hardest part of the day. Caroline said it best when she spoke through a translator to the children, saying, “Even though we are leaving, God is not.”

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