On our way!

By: Matt Reitsma and Abby Brinks

We have arrived in London! We have a short wait until we board our next flight to Bangalore. The first flight went well and everything went smoothly, but we are all anxious about this next one lasting even longer. We were happy to have a larger plane and to each have our own personal screen to watch movies, and are hoping we get the same experience in Our next 10 hour flight! Please keep us in your prayers as we complete the final half of our trip to India.

The last few days of training before departing were great, and allowed our team to grow closer and stronger! We shared meals, excitements and fears for the trip, and our personal faith journeys. The team is looking forward to strenghting our team unity further  with our time in India, and we cannot wait to see what God has in store for us!

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