Exploring Bangalore

Saturday Update:

By Abby and Jacob

The day started with another early morning wake up call, which left us heading to Guwahati just after 3am. Between falling in and out of sleep, looking for various animals, and not having to deal with as much traffic made for a smooth ride. The flight was quick and we were back in Bangalore by noon. However the ride into the city was not as smooth…Mid-day Saturday traffic was bumper to bumper, and the lack of lane usage in India was made well aware to us as our bus driver was determined to fit between the two lanes of traffic!

JP grew up in Bangalore and for the next few days we will be staying in guest rooms at the WCOI ministry facility, where his brother and parents also live. We spent the rest of the day getting a personal tour around the city. We started with an ice cream shop that was SO refreshing! JP then walked us down commercial street, which is a busy street full of stores to shop in! It’s almost comparable to Time Square but less bright and more chaotic. Commercial street consists of one main strip along with several side streets. There were also many street venders selling drums…lots and lots of drums…And they were determined to get the random white people to purchase them! Thanks to JP they eventually let us be!

Dinner involved one of JPs favorite restaurants where we loaded up on nan and got to try different types of curry dipping sauces. He also wanted us all to try this “life changing” cauliflower, which ended up being one of the BEST things I have ever eaten!

This day made me realized how blessed our team is to have JP! His excitement for showing us around the city he grew up in was contagious, and he is allowing us to get a complete picture of India! He also puts up with our endless questions, which has helped the whole group learn more about the beauty of India..and never fails to make us laugh! His personality and passion for India has made this trip so much more meaningful, and I’m so grateful that we get to share India with him!


Today was cool because we got to see the opposite end of the spectrum as far as India is concerned. In the early hours of the morning we left tribal India and by the late hours of the night we were sleeping in the heart of the fifth largest city in India. This city is pretty much text book India. What I mean by that is it’s everything you would expect it to be. There’s tons of people, tons of traffic, and tons of…interesting smells. But there’s so much more than just what get for face value. So many little great spots and things that you wouldn’t normally get if you weren’t with someone born and raised there like JP, like that insanely delicious cauliflower, or the “Death by Chocolate” sundae (which was really like “Minor Cold by Chocolate”, I could eat 4 of them). As JP took us around the heart of the city (which Abby explained quite well) you could see the joy on the mans face. For many of us, that’s what made this day special. Being able to experience a city with someone who is so eager to share it with you is something special. Overall, a great day of getting to know Bangalore and one another.


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