Albino Tigers and Albino People

By Alli and Elizabeth

Today was our last day on the ground in Bangalore, and JP and the other leaders had a special surprise planned for us. We got up extra early and drove to the other side of the city where we visited the Tiger Reserve and Zoo. With a personal safari bus holding all of us, we drove erratically through the herbivore exhibit, stopping for pictures of the giant water buffalo, Indian reindeer and Asian elephants. We then crossed a series of gates to the carnivore portion of the safari, looking incredulously at the animals only feet from our bus. We saw Black sloth bears (who looked more like dogs), a series of sleeping lions, and Bengal tigers. The highlight of this portion though was seeing the rare and endangered Albino tiger (pictures to come we promise).

After finishing the Jungle safari, we decided to explore the zoo portion of the reserve, walking past a herd of turtles, some Indian crocodiles and a herd of zebras. We also got to see the infamous king cobra, which is astonishingly large. We decided that this is certainly an animal that we were glad to have not seen while in Assam (it’s natural territory).

We were also laughing because, for all the crowds at the zoo, we had a significant number of people ask to take pictures of or with us. We made the joke that were one of the main attractions at the zoo that day- The rare white people.

These things were great, but the best part of the zoo may have been the monkeys roaming around. We had a chance to get so close to them that they almost jumped on us. The monkeys were running around wild, and not even an exhibit in the zoo!

After a long car ride home, and yet another great experience of the crazy traffic in in Indian, we went back to our rooms to rest and begin to pack. Some of us had the chance to tour World Cassette Outreach headquarters even more, looking at the studio, different bibles in the languages they have recorded, and a big meeting and chapel space.

For our final dinner we ate at an Indian/American restaurant. Some of us ended the trip with Indian dishes, Paratas, while others had pasta, or chicken sandwiches. We also had our last debrief, beginning to think of how we would share our stories as we return home from this amazing experience. We were able to discuss how God has worked in and around us throughout this trip, and how important it is to always remember the emotions that this trip provided for us. We also discussed Joshua and the rock altar, creating our own memory of God’s miracles by taking an Indian rock with us. It was an amazing way to end such an incredible trip.

As always, thank you for your prayers and support. We look forward to seeing you back in America!

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