A Day in the City

By Ashley and Matt

On Sunday morning we were able to attend JP’s parents church in the slums. The church service was held on the third story of someone’s home. It was a small service led by JP’s dad and translated by JP himself. After the service, we mingled with the congregation and drank tea. It was really fun to observe JP translate for his dad, as several of us noticed their unplanned choreography of hand motions and facial expressions. The similarities between the two of them were very clear.

For lunch, we went to an Indian buffet restaurant called Chutney Changs. This was enjoyed by all of our group, as well JP’s parents and brother James. The food was great, and there was a wide selection of Indian dishes for us to try. We were also blessed by an interesting rendition of Happy Birthday, sung by the restaurant staff to Scott, who also got a cake and some smoking mint palate cleaners.

The rest of the day was pretty laid back. We went back to WCOI for some rest, and then traveled back to commercial street to shop and explore the area some more. Throughout this, JP gave some motorcycle rides to us to giver us a different view of the city and the traffic. This was awesome, and it was fun to see JP in his element. Commercial street was very busy, but we all had a great time shopping and wandering deeper into the city of Bangalore. After we were done there, we headed back to WCOI for some tea, snacks, and story time from JP and James’ parents. Learning their faith journeys and life stories was really eye-opening to us. They are a great example for us to follow in Christ.

During our nightly discussion we talked about the impact the trip had on us thus far. It was great to open our hearts once again about the impact God has had on us while in India. We shared many laughs and tears as stories were shared about the past week.

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