Vamos a la playa!!!

Hola friends and family! As our week here in the Dominican Republic is beginning to wind down, today was a beautiful opportunity to unwind and reflect. We woke up at full strength and were well rested for the day ahead. After breakfast we had our last daily devotional of the week and headed to the Go Ministries LDC to watch some baseball.

Over the course of this week, we have really gotten to know a lot of the players very well so it was really fun to watch them compete. The field does not have bleacher seating, so many of us were mingling with the players on the bench and around the field. It was also a great way to wrap up our week of work with them, and our time together because we got to watch them do what they all love. We have spent a lot of time with the players in their English classes, and one of the easiest things for them to talk about has been their love for baseball and how it has opened doors for them in their lives.

After the game, we also had the chance to demonstrate the Sawyer water filters to members of the GO ministries community. IG, one of the pastors for GO and the director of church planting, was present. As GO seeks to plant 1,000 churches in the next 10 years, we hope these filters can be a blessing to the local communities.

The message incorporated with the filter is that the dirty water is representative of us; impure and imperfect. The filter then represents a life with Jesus Christ at the center, which is the only way to cleanse ourselves of our imperfections. The clean water that comes out of the bottom is a clear depiction of how we can all be cleansed by Jesus. After the demonstration, the cup was passed around and everyone shared a drink of the clean water.

Before we headed to the beach, one of our vans got a flat-tire which left just enough time for Joey to get an authentic Dominican haircut.

After miles of winding roads through the mountainous terrain and beautiful countryside, we finally landed at the resort. We ate lunch as a team, and then headed to la playa (beach)!! The weather was beautiful as we played frisbee, swam in the ocean, played volleyball in the pool, and Audrey and Rose got their hair braided on the beach. We are definitely starting to feel like locals. After a fun day in the sun, we gathered again for a very nice buffet dinner. With the sundown, we headed to the beach once more to reflect on the week and share what has been on our minds throughout this trip. We talked a lot about perspective and how we see God working in our own lives. From helping us with doubt and adding faith to every part of our lives, to helping us get through tough times and being missional wherever we are, we hope to bring everything we have learned back to the States.

Thanks for reading!


Joey, Audrey, and MeKenna

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