Sports, Jesus and Water Filters

August 21,2017

We didn’t sleep in today!! The rooster from Coto Brus called his cousin and told him we would be here. We left home base around 7am for a 30 minute bus ride into Los Chiles. The morning began with a sports clinic. The kids came from all over to play a mixture of sports that included: Follow the leader, Disk Golf, Catch, and Cabezas y Manos. Some of these were extra fun because the field we were in was full of water due to an early morning rain. The first clinic ended with Matt and Frankie sharing their testimonies with the children. All this was done before 9:30am. Shortly following the first clinic the second one began. Many children came eager to play despite the heat and humidity. The second clinic consisted of: Dodgeball, Wiffle ball, and Lacrosse (lead by our fearless Juliana). The children really enjoyed learning these new games. After lunch we returned to the field where the kids and their families came back with buckets ready to receive water filters. The water filter instruction and demonstration was led by our very own Melinda and included a gospel message. After the demonstration each team member was able to assemble 5-6 water filters for the people of the village. It was great to see their smiling faces as they walked away with their new filters. We made filters for 65 families! This was incredibly cool, yet humbling to witness their joy over something we often take for granted. And when we get home we will have to make sure to send more water filters to this community because there are still families in need. Thankfully the Push The Rock staff visits the local ministry here often. After the final filter was assembled, we were done for the day. To show her appreciation, a women named Esperanza (Hope) made us Arepas (similar to the best pancakes you have ever had) and brought us a refreshing cold drink. On the bus ride back from Los Chiles we stopped at an Iguana bridge. This was quite literally a bridge with Iguana covering it. Our dinner was wonderful as always. After dinner we gathered together, sang some worship songs, and continued our study of 1 John. The night finally came to a close with one last water filter assembly for a local futbol coach who works with the ministry we are partnering with.

Tomorrow we return to San Jose and will get to experience some of the beauty in the area of Arenal Volcano along the way. We thank you for the continued support and prayers as our wonderful journey comes to a close. Buenos Noches!!

Mostly Frankie…some Cody….plus a little Matt and J-dawg

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