Having fun in northeast India!

The group made it to Guwahati and Udigiri and we’re having a blast running sports camps and assembling water filters with the local church and communities. Internet access is limited here so we’ll post more updates when we’re back in Bangalore on Saturday!

Day 2:

By: Elizabeth Fris and Ryan Woodside

We made it to India!!! After a seemingly-endless couple of flights, we arrived at Bangalore’s airport and were greeted by JP, James, and the party bus we are traveling around on. On our way to the hotel, we were exposed to our first glimpse of traffic in India: loud horns, countless rickshaws, and meaningless lane lines and stop lights. After settling in at the hotel, we had breakfast at the restaurant in the lobby, which was a buffet of Semiya, lemon rice, idly, Sambar, aloo subjee, and puri, along with a small selection of more American options. Once we were all full and bewildered by “spice” being a word associated with breakfast food, we packed into the party bus and made our way over to World Cassette Outreach of India (WCOI), where we were all greeted with jasmine necklaces. JP’s family informed us about the history of their organization, starting with the original tri-fold cardboard record player that they would distribute in the 70s and finishing with videos of lepers and blind men telling stories of how their current work has changed their lives. India contains one thousand, six-hundred fifty eight languages. Many of these are used by a single family-line, and these languages are beginning to go extinct. The tragic loss of these languages accompanies the loss of their cultures, and WCOI is helping to honor and document these cultures. WCOI translates the Bible into close to one hundred of these, and we can’t wait to assist them in distributing these to the people of  Guwahati along with Sawyer’s water filtration systems and sporting equipment. We were treated to a traditional Indian lunch and were taught how to properly eat with our hands (which is suprisingly more difficult than you may expect), before heading back to the hotel for much-needed naps. Now we are busy anticipating dinner and struggling to contain our excitement to get back on yet another airplane at 2 AM! We are thrilled to go interact with the children in Guwahati and see the way that God continues to work on this trip!

On our way!

By: Matt Reitsma and Abby Brinks

We have arrived in London! We have a short wait until we board our next flight to Bangalore. The first flight went well and everything went smoothly, but we are all anxious about this next one lasting even longer. We were happy to have a larger plane and to each have our own personal screen to watch movies, and are hoping we get the same experience in Our next 10 hour flight! Please keep us in your prayers as we complete the final half of our trip to India.

The last few days of training before departing were great, and allowed our team to grow closer and stronger! We shared meals, excitements and fears for the trip, and our personal faith journeys. The team is looking forward to strenghting our team unity further  with our time in India, and we cannot wait to see what God has in store for us!

Meet the Team!

Meet our team heading to India to serve with Audio Scripture Ministries and World Cassette Outreach!

Abby Brinks – Women’s Swimming & Diving
Elizabeth Fris – Women’s Swimming & Diving
Hannah Kenny – Women’s Cross County / Track & Field
Alli Lindquist – Women’s Swimming & Diving
Sarah McCoy – Women’s Soccer
Anders Northuis – Men’s Soccer
Jacob Pardonnet – Football
Matt Reitsma – Football
Ashley Warner – Women’s Cross Country / Track & Field
Ryan Woodside – Men’s Soccer
Scott Engelsman
Will Franken
Caroline Hannema
JP Sundararajan

India Team Calendar

We’re excited to send our first SEED team to India on Saturday, May 13 to serve with Audio Scripture Ministries.  View the team calendar for a glimpse of how Hope College student-athletes will utilize their passion for sport to share the love of Christ with individuals around the world over the next two weeks!

Team Calendar

Sport Evangelism to Equip Disciples

It is our mission to equip Hope College student-athletes to serve as disciples who share the Good News of Jesus Christ through sport.

We recognize that sport provides an opportunity for athletes to have a significant platform from which to influence others. In traveling with the SEED program, Hope College student-athletes will utilize their passion for sport to share the love of Christ with individuals around the world.

Through participating in the SEED program, student-athletes will be intentionally challenged to use their experiences to sow the seed and water the harvest so that the Good News of Jesus Christ takes root in their own lives as it is shared around the world.