It’s not a Pun, it’s a “Pan”

*Just to clarify, “pan” means “bread” in Spanish. To hear about our adventures with pan, please read a little further*

Today we went to “El Hospital General,” a public hospital filled with a lot of activity. Since it can provide care for the uninsured and poor, the relatively small hospital is always packed with people. Funding for the medical care is limited: patients must endure stuffy rooms with no air conditioning, supplies such as gauze and gloves dwindle, and even some patients have to bring their own medication because it is not supplied within the building. It was sad to see the poorest of the poor come to this place, but also comforting to know that they were receiving care. As the nurses told us when we arrived, each patient is treated as a human being, not just a number next to a bed or a hopeless case.


After a tour, the group split up to work in different areas: Katie got to experience the busy emergency department, Becky went to the surgical unit, Brittany helped in the trauma wing, and I went to the internal medicine floor. I saw many medications prepared and administered, and heard stories from the other girls about catheters, IVs, and bed baths.

After our work today we relaxed at Mary’s beautiful house in El Centro. When Katie and I saw dark clouds coming in, we decided we should probably begin our trek back home. Even with lightening ahead and the urgent feeling of a storm, we couldn’t help but stop at the local “Panadería,” a local store selling fresh sweet bread! I’d say it was worth it. At only 6 pesos (about 35 cents), I’d say my “pan dulce” even beat Good Time Donuts.


As for the rain…I have always liked rain. And with the incredible heat lately, I was ready for a rain shower. So when I finally heard the droplets hit the roof of our bus traveling home, you could say I was pretty excited. After getting off the bus, Katie and I had to span creeks of rushing water down the road, soaking our feet as we still felt the downpour. Eventually we made it back home and after that refreshment, I am quite content and dry.


It’s a night to relax inside, so Katie and I might watch a movie with our host sister Isa. She tells us her favorite movie is “Diario de una Pasión,” which we know as “The Notebook.” This made me giggle; Nicholas Sparks still captures the hearts of girls all the way here in Mexico.

That’s all for now, thanks for listening and God Bless!


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