First Day in Queretaro


Much of our day today was spent traveling from Hope College to Queretaro, Mexico. Our first flight left around 8am and our connecting flight near 11am.

Before meeting our host families we went to a small resturant which sold Elotes. Elotes are corn on the cob that is cooked over an open flame and then spread with mayonnaise, cheese, lemon, and pepper – it tasted so much better then I’m sure it sounds!!

We then went to the university, that partners with Hope, to meet our host families! I atleast, was a little nervous but they could not have been friendlier. I already feel welcomed into their family. Today was El Día de Los Madres (Mother’s Day) so we had a big celebration at the house. A lot of my host families extended family came over and there was a lot of food — all of which tasted very good!

After dinner my host family took us around the city just to show us around. We stopped at “El Acueducto, which is an archway that extends over 3 kilometers (google it, it’s beautiful). Currently under each archway is temporary outdoor art exhibit which is composed of many animal-focused sculptures. All the sculptures were made from paper mache and are quite extravagant.

I was quite worried that I would arrive and my Spanish wouldn’t be good enough to be able to converse with everyone but I feel very comfortable talking. My host family isn’t bothered if I ask them to repeat something or if they need to talk a little slower. It seems like my Spanish isn’t too bad because they appear to understand what I am saying. Everyone seems to be very patient with us, which is very comforting.

So far Queretaro is a beautiful town and I’ve loved touring around to different parts and getting to know my host family! Sorry I don’t have any pictures yet. Hopefully many to come soon!!


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  1. I am so very happy you have Queretaro a place of welcome and learning. When establishing this program over six years ago we felt it could offer Hope students an added value to their Hope education. Please give my greetings to Ruth Gallegos and to Mary. I am now in Rwanda with another group of students.

    All of us send you every blessing.

    Alfredo M. Gonzales
    Dean for International and Multicultural Education

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