A Final Hoorah

It was our last full day in Querétaro today! I can’t believe we are almost on our way home, I feel like I just arrived here yesterday. Looking back, I realized we’ve done a lot in the past three weeks- I’ve made new friends from around the world, spoken a different language, worked in all types of hospitals, and explored an amazing city. I sweat in a mud temazcal hut, climbed a giant rock in Bernal, and tried to eat every different type of helado in Mexico (I still have a long way to go).

I learned a lot about God and how beautiful He has made the world, full of so many different people. I saw Him in the giant fields of cacti in the desert, heard Him in the voices of a church congregation singing in Spanish, and felt  Him in the affection of my host sister Isa. Even on my morning walks to the bus stop every day, I would pass by this building decorated with bold Spanish writing. It translates, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever.”



While we are sad to be leaving tomorrow, we still made the most of our day off. Starting out in the morning, Katie and I began to pack up our bags. Then meeting up in El Centro, our group could not pass up another 2 for 1 crepe Tuesday!!! The 5 of use scarfed down a total of 9 crepes…and they were all delicious. We walked through the streets once again, doing some last minute shopping and exploring. From antique shops to streets vendors to sunglasses stores, we saw it all. Kyrian and I might have found our new calling as sunglasses models.



Before dinner tonight, I spent the evening hanging out on a roof, looking at the clouds, and watching TV with my friends. Becky, Brittany, Katie, and Kyrian. I couldn’t ask for a better group of girls to be by my side through so many adventures, and it was great to just relax together.


Tonight we went out to dinner with our host sisters as a final hoorah. We went to “Comic X,” a modern restaurant with a superhero theme. It was really cool! There were all sorts of life-size figures of characters like Iron Man, Batman, and even the Hulk. It was not exactly a traditional Mexican restaurant, but it was special just to be together and enjoy food in such a fun place. And of course, as in every restaurant in Mexico, we were served a plate of limes. As you can see, Kyrian and I were pretty happy.

IMG277473545    IMG_20160531_215119045_HDR

After our dinner together, we had to prepare ourselves to leave. Since Isa is gone early for school in the morning, Katie and I said goodbye to her tonight. It was definitely hard and full of tears, because we have become so close over this time. Despite our language barrier, we have still laughed and shared quality time together. I now have a new older sister, and I know we will keep in touch.

Next time you hear from us, we will be in the US! Please pray for safe and smooth travels. I’m very sad to leave this wonderful place, but also feel hopeful to be home and see my family and friends. I will definitely have a lot of stories to tell!

Thanks for listening to all of my musings, it’s been a blast. See you soon!




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