A Brand-New Hope

We’ve just approved the first version of Hope’s brand creative brief. This comes as the result of one portion of an extensive Brand Development Process that was shepherded by EM2, our agency partner.

This process began several months ago and has involved the following milestones:

  • December 2010: EM2 visited campus to meet with a number of key people on campus, including senior administration, faculty, representatives from campus office, and current Hope students.
  • January 2011: Surveys (based on the meetings held in December) were sent to faculty and staff, current Hope students, and non-applied prospective students.
  • Mid-February 2011: EM2 tabulated survey responses.
  • March 2011: EM2 held a brand workshop on campus. It included the presentation of survey results, as well as extensive conversation about EM2’s suggested brand promise and attributes. This workshop included the Integrated Marketing Cabinet, members of senior administration, the Deans Council, and several key faculty.

EM2 distilled the feedback received during the brand workshop into a brand creative brief that included near-final versions of Hope’s brand promise and key brand attributes. The Integrated Marketing Cabinet made final suggestions and edits with input from senior administration.

At this point we’re looking ahead to tactical implementation, with the Admissions Print Campaign and a related microsite at the top of the list moving forward.

— Submitted by Andrew Meyers, Assistant Director of Admissions