Mark your calendars! Public Affairs and Marketing Open House

Public Affairs and Marketing Open House Monday, March 27 1 – 3 pm ​Anderson-Werkman Financial Center Suite 110 Please stop by to visit our new office space! ​​​Enjoy a candy bar, popcorn, and more!​

So What IS Public Affairs and Marketing?

At the beginning of last year I received an email from the communication department about an internship opportunity with Hope’s Public Affairs and Marketing Department. I applied and ultimately got the position, but was then left thinking, ‘okay, but what is it they do?’ (Great interview preparation, I know.) Now, a year and a half […]

The new News from Hope College

Two words spread quickly through the Public Affairs and Marketing Division last Friday morning: “It’s here!” We were holding in our hands the hot-off-the-presses, newly redesigned News From Hope College. If you know the Public Affairs and Marketing team, you know we like to celebrate. Last Friday, we were feeling especially celebratory as we paged […]

Pro-Dev Day Slides

Thank you to all who participating in the first-ever Hope Pro-Dev Day. We were delighted to welcome so many of our colleagues — nearly 150! — for a day of learning, fun and fellowship. We’ve already received suggestions for session themes and topics for our next Pro-Dev Day (yes, we’re hoping to host another one next year!). Many of you have asked about availability of […]

Last reminder: Pro-Dev Day

Could it be that you’re still thinking about joining us for “Pro-Dev Day,” this Monday, October 10? And could it be that you have a few lingering questions about this all-day professional development conference for Hope employees? Let’s see if we can address some of those questions: Will I be welcome? With open arms. Every employee is invited, and every employee […]

Register for Pro-Dev Day!

It’s just around the corner! On Monday, October 10, the Public Affairs and Marketing Division and the Office of Human Resources will cohost the first-ever “Pro-Dev Day,” a professional development conference especially for Hope employees. This all-day event will take place at the Haworth Center. Pro-Dev Day is free for all employees. Everybody is welcome, and participants may attend […]

Save the Date: A Pro-Dev Day Just for Hope

Please mark your calendars for a new event coming soon! On Monday, October 10, the Public Affairs and Marketing Division and the Office of Human Resources will be co-hosting a professional development conference for Hope employees. The goal of this daylong event is to empower our colleagues with tools, skills and knowledge that will strengthen […]

New Features of the New Website

If you guys are anything like me, you’ve never really paid a ton of attention to the Hope website. In fact, as a freshman (three whole years ago now!) I found myself getting confused between KnowHope, KnowHope Plus, and the regular Hope website because they all looked so incredibly similar to me. But within the […]

New employee photos

What’s so newsworthy about new employee photos? We take new photos every August, right!? Well, for 2016 we decided to shake things up a bit. For several years, our employee photos have been done in a consistent style. The background featured familiar “clouds” in natural hues and a vignette framed a closely cropped smiling face. Since our […]