Brand Assets

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Consciously developing and choosing a brand identity is a powerful way to build and strengthen connections with all of our constituents. By becoming more thoughtful and consistent about what is most important and relevant about Hope College, we can all pull together. We speak with a stronger voice. We make the most of our resources.

These online forms simplify brand use by facilitating access to the correct resources. Whether you need logo files and some general guidelines, new stationery, or a meeting with Integrated Marketing about a custom brochure, these forms are the place to get started. Each section is accompanied by relevant samples for your perusal.

Common use of the core brand includes logos and office documents. Logo collections are available for download, based on your selections. Guidelines for logo use and recommended file types are included. Microsoft Office templates are available in both Brand Fonts and System Fonts.

Subtle elements such as email signatures, font selection, and the stationery used for printed communications support the core brand. This tool helps you easily create a properly branded email signature (installation instructions included) as well as start a CIT work order for Brand Font installation.

Font installation requests are fulfilled by CIT. Using our Request Form will initiate the process.

The Hope-Geneva Bookstore handles these stationery requests directly. View samples below.

Standardized items are based on approved brand templates which require customization or personalization in order to satisfy individual needs. This tool gathers the specific content for each piece, facilitating simple and efficient creation of proofs.

Each custom project has numerous details which warrant further discussion. Use this tool to begin the conversation by providing Integrated Marketing with the project basics, such as describing the audience and goals, as well as logistics. A member of the Integrated Marketing team will follow up with you to elaborate on the details of your project and how we can align our resources to satisfy your needs.