As we find ourselves on the other side of midterms, in the thick of the Greek activation season, and longingly looking forward to spring break, now is the perfect time to press pause and assess our relationship with ourselves. I encourage you to tune into your mental health and notice your mood. Be curious about your anxiety levels. Pay attention to your cravings. These signs from our bodies are a gift because they inform us of our needs and present us with an opportunity to respond effectively. 

When you take this moment to slow down and pay attention to your mental health and cravings, you may notice that it feels normalized in the environment of a college campus to turn to substances such as alcohol to celebrate success, fit in socially, or cope with difficult emotions. 

As you press pause to assess your relationship with alcohol, ask yourself about your motivations to drink. You may have a healthy relationship with drinking. Maybe you are feeling pressured to party every night. Regardless of your motivations, the Chapter President of Sigma Iota Beta wants to share this message with you:

“Throughout the coming weeks, we want to encourage you to pause and think about the decisions you are making and the influence that alcohol has on your actions. It is also a good reminder that peer pressure is not okay, especially with alcohol. Everyone deserves the right to consciously decide to drink. If you need a day off to yourself or just simply want to stay in, we support that decision.

Perhaps when you assess your relationship with alcohol, you feel that it would be best to take a break from drinking to recenter yourself. If this rings true to you, check our Allison Aubrey’s article from NPR on  “6 Ways To Take a Break from Drinking” for some mindful tips on the topic.

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