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What is Press Pause?

Press Pause is a student-led initiative created to address the specific health concerns of students at Hope College. Every month we plan to bring students new information regarding their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

What sparked this campaign?

There were two main factors in starting this campaign. The first part was that in 2017, we had students take the American College Health Association National College Health Assessment (ACHA NCHA), a survey that collected information on all areas of student health. From these results, we saw that students were thriving academically, but were struggling in other areas of their life.

The second factor was student initiative; many wonderful students have expressed their needs to Hope, and we wanted Press Pause to be a way to provide resources to fulfill these needs.

What are we going to be talking about?

Over the next few years, Press Pause will be covering a wide variety of topics; sexual health, mental illness, sleep, healthy eating and exercise and so many more. For our first month, we have a very exciting and pertinent topic: self-care! Come back on Wednesday to learn more about self-care resources for students and how to incorporate self-care practices into busy student life.

How do I join the conversation?

Subscribe to our blog! We’ll be posting new content every other Wednesday. A form to subscribe is in the left-hand navigation bar.

Have a question you want to ask or a topic you want to suggest? Fill out this form, or email us at presspause@hope.edu


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  1. I’m so happy this is a new thing at Hope! Good for you guys. Students need to be encouraged to relax more and learn about self-care that’s simple and do-able. Yay!!

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