Staff Presentations

Thank you to the over 100 staff who were able to attend one of the three strategic planning information sessions over the last two days.  We appreciate the opportunity to share the process with you and to get your feedback.

We know that some who are interested in the strategic planning process were not able to attend one of the meetings, so we are making the presentation available to you online.  Please take a look and contact us with your questions or feedback.

Staff Info Meetings.February 2014

Kicking off the Strategic Planning Process

I am pleased to announce the beginning of a comprehensive strategic planning process that will produce goals and objectives to guide the college over the next decade.  The plan we develop will be adaptable to account for new challenges and opportunities that present themselves in the future and will be the measure by which we make strategic institutional decisions in the next ten years.

We will develop the plan by studying ten major areas of strategic importance to our future, from academic distinctiveness to talent recruitment and retention.  A study group will be formed around each area to gather information and recommend priorities to be included in the strategic plan.  Each study group will provide an opportunity for members of the college community to share input and ideas.

The planning process will be guided by a Strategic Planning Steering Committee comprised of faculty, staff, students and trustees.  These individuals will oversee the strategic planning process, they will serve as liaisons to various constituent groups to ensure communication and feedback is available throughout the process, and they will develop the strategic plan using the input and information generated through the study groups.

Although the Steering Committee holds this special charge, you will also have opportunities to share your input and aspirations during the strategic planning process.  Your experience at Hope and your expertise in higher education is important to have as part of our ongoing dialogue and decision making. I encourage each of you to participate in at least one opportunity so that a variety of perspectives and insights are considered.


John C. Knapp
Hope College President
Strategic Planning Steering Committee Co-Chair

Nancy Dirkse DeWitt
Hope College Board of Trustees
Strategic Planning Steering Committee Co-Chair