Hope SPS Chapter at the 2017 CUWiP Conference

Hope’s SPS chapter attended this year’s APS Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics that was held at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. Participants included P. Jennifer Hampton, Elizabeth Lindquist, Anna Lunderberg, Anna Wormmeester, and Britta Johnson. We met some really influential physicists, learned a lot from the seminars, and had a lot of fun!

We learned about gravitational waves from a seminar given by Nergis Mavalvala from LIGO.


We visited the Michigan Science Museum and had a blast!




Anna Lunderberg, Anna Wormmeester, and Elizabeth Lindquist presented their undergraduate research projects at the poster presentation, and Elizabeth gave an oral presentation as well.

Elizabeth Lindquist at CUWIP 2017
Anna Lunderberg at CUWIP 2017
Anna Wormmeester at CUWIP 2017






We attended an awesome Physics Careers Workshop which was hosted by Crystal Bailey from APS. Be sure to check out the careers information on  the APS website!

Interested? Remember to ask SPS or the Physics Department to join the CUWIP cohort next year!

SPS this Week

  • SPS will meet at the usual time of 4:30pm on Wednesday November 9th in Vanderwerf 104. This week there will be a homework study session where pizza will be supplied.

    This Week in Physics
    1867 November 7: Marie Curie, French chemist who researched radioactivity and discovered radium, is born.

    1967 November 9: NASA launches Apollo 4 into orbit with the first successful test of a Saturn V rocket.

    1994 November 9: The chemical element Darmstadtium, a radioactive synthetic element, discovered by scientists in Darmstadt, Germany.

    1934 November 9: Carl Sagan, American astronomer and writer, is born.

    1935 November 10: Igor Dmitriyevich Novikov, Russian astrophysicist, is born. The Novikov self-consistency principle made important contributions to the theory of time travel.

    1966 November 11: The United States launches Gemini 12, a two-man orbiter, into orbit.

SPS this Week

  • SPS will meet this week on Wednesday the 2 of November at 4:30 to 5:30 in Vanzoren 104. We will be having a Towers of Hanoi tournament.

Physics this Week

October 31 2000: Soyuz TM-31 launches, carrying the first resident crew to the International Space Station.

November 2 1885: Harlow Shapley, astronomer who discovered the Sun is not at the center of the galaxy, is born.

November 2 1929: Richard Taylor, Nobel Prize-winning physicist who proved the existence of quarks, is born.

November 2 1932: Melvin Schwartz, physicist who won the Nobel Prize for work on neutrinos, is born.

November 3 1973: NASA launches Mariner 10, which will become the first probe to reach Mercury.

November 4 1933: Sir Charles Kuen Kao is born. He was a Chinese-born physicist known as the “Father of Fiber Optics” and the “Godfather of Broadband”; he shared the 2009 Nobel Prize for Physics.

November 5 1948: William Daniel Phillips, shared 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics for his contributions to laser cooling, including his invention of the Zeeman slower technique for slowing the movement of gaseous atoms, is born.


SPS this Week

  • SPS will meet at the usual time this week on Wednesday, October 26 from 4:30 to 5:30 in Vanderwerf 102.

Problem of the Week

Dr. Matt Scientist, acclaimed owner of the Impossible Object Factory (or the IOF for short) is performing tests on his newest creation, the Frictionless Table With A Small Hole In The Center (or FTWASHITC for short). One of these tests involves threading a IOF-Certified Massless Rope through the small hole, tying a disk of mass m to the end, and inducing circular motion about the center of the the table with the disk. After observing that the disk moves with speed Vo with radius Ro, Matt ties a weight of mass M to the other end of the rope.

What is the work done on the disk of mass m after the disk completes one-half of its new revolution?


Send a written answer to this question, as well as a username you would like to be referred by, to jason.gombas@hope.edu. We will publish the username of any student who helps Dr. Matt Scientist test his new creation.