Caleb Sword – 2016

Determining the Nuclear Structure of an Unstable 25O Isotope Research Advisor: Dr. Paul DeYoung One of the primary goals of nuclear physics research is to better understand the force that binds nucleons. This can be accomplished by studying the structure of neutron-rich isotopes. For this experiment, excited 25O nuclei were formed by a collision between […]

Benjamin Peecher – 2016

Electrochemical vs X-ray Spectroscopic Measurements of NiFe(CN)6 Crystals Research Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Hampton Pseudocapacitive materials like hexacyanoferrate have greater energy storage capabilities than standard capacitors while maintaining an ability to charge and discharge quickly. By modifying the surface of an electrodeposited nickel thin film with a layer of hexacyanoferrate, we can enhance its electrochemical properties. […]

Elizabeth Lindquist – 2016

PIXE-NRA Analysis to Determine Metalloprotein Stoichiometry Research Advisor: Dr. Paul DeYoung An Ion Beam Analysis (IBA) technique of simultaneous Particle-Induced X-ray Emission (PIXE) and Nuclear Reaction Analysis (NRA) is being developed to determine the complete stoichiometry of metalloproteins. Even though approximately one third of all proteins are metalloproteins, the stoichiometric ratios of the metalloproteins are still […]

Josiah Brouwer – 2016

Light Curve Fitting of Fermi Normal and Millisecond Pulsars Research Advisor: Dr. Peter Gonthier Since the launch of NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope (Fermi), its Large Area Telescope (LAT) has detected over 200 new γ-ray pulsars. For most of these, γ-ray light curves have been obtained containing information on the emission geometry, the particle acceleration […]

Anna Wormmeester – 2016

Spectroscopic Emission from Argon and Nitrogen Microplasmas Research Advisor: Dr. Stephen Remillard Many electronics utilize microgaps, and these electronics can produce plasma, whether intended or not, if it was not intended this plasma can damage the electronics. The breakdown condition and spectral emission of nitrogen and argon plasmas were examined in a microgap under microwave […]