This Month in SPS

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This Week: April 12th Physics Elemental Battleship

Join us for game time to play the well known game Battleship … with a twist. Also, start preparing your armada to come vote for you for officer election next week.

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Next Week: April 19th Liquid Nitrogen Ice-cream Party & Officer Elections

Come join us for the last SPS meeting of the year. We will be making ice-cream with liquid nitrogen. What else could you possibly want to do on a Wednesday afternoon? While you please your taste buds, you can also please your ears to the melodious tone of the various potential officer speeches.

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Last Week: April 24th Physics Finals Review Session

AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, FINALS!! PHYSICS!!!!! Let us help you prepare for your physics finals by supplying example problems, answering questions, and sustaining your caloric intake. Expect food, physics, and Jason.

GRE Session on Optics

During our usual meeting time this Wednesday, March 29 at 4pm, Dr. Remillard will be leading SPS through example problems on the GRE. If you are interested in attending graduate school, then this meeting will provide valuable information for this exam. We will be focusing on optics.


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Physics Pre-Advising Session

For this week’s SPS meeting, there will be a Physics Pre-Advising Session hosted by Dr. Hampton. We will be discussing typical physics tracks and courses that will be offered next semester. Dr. Hampton will be available to talk about your future in physics!

Where: VanZoren 153 (where we usually are)

When: 4pm to 5pm

Why: Because Elizabeth said so. And Cole will bring Pizza!

Hope SPS Chapter at the 2017 CUWiP Conference

Hope’s SPS chapter attended this year’s APS Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics that was held at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. Participants included P. Jennifer Hampton, Elizabeth Lindquist, Anna Lunderberg, Anna Wormmeester, and Britta Johnson. We met some really influential physicists, learned a lot from the seminars, and had a lot of fun!

We learned about gravitational waves from a seminar given by Nergis Mavalvala from LIGO.


We visited the Michigan Science Museum and had a blast!




Anna Lunderberg, Anna Wormmeester, and Elizabeth Lindquist presented their undergraduate research projects at the poster presentation, and Elizabeth gave an oral presentation as well.

Elizabeth Lindquist at CUWIP 2017
Anna Lunderberg at CUWIP 2017
Anna Wormmeester at CUWIP 2017






We attended an awesome Physics Careers Workshop which was hosted by Crystal Bailey from APS. Be sure to check out the careers information on  the APS website!

Interested? Remember to ask SPS or the Physics Department to join the CUWIP cohort next year!