If you missed the live Tuesday event this week, no worries! We’ve got you covered with this recording. More details are below!

In this video, you will find information on what move-in and campus living will look like. By now, you should have received your assigned 3-hour time slot for move in. Email housing@hope.edu or orientation@hope.edu if you have questions about that email and the process it describes.

Anyone can help you move-in during your time slot! However, we do ask that you only use your 3-hour time slot to move-in. After that, families will be asked to leave campus, and students will ease into their college experience. So, there is no limit on the number of people that can help you move-in, but there is a limit on the time: 3-hours!

You also should have received an email update about how to get your student ID made. Please be sure to submit your picture as soon as possible so we can give you your ID when you arrive on campus!

One last thing: If you are interested in exploring some of the student groups that you could join at Hope, you can get a little sneak peek by checking out the Orientation Instagram (@hopeorientation). There, we have a highlight called “Activities Fair” where you can find videos created by our student leaders describing their club and how to get involved.

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