Last Meeting! Visual Art! Winners! Prizes!

The date of our last meeting has been moved from Thursday to TUESDAY MARCH 12 at 6pm in MARTHA MILLER 159. I repeat: this will be the last editorial meeting of the semester. We will be considering and selecting the visual art pieces, which means less reading aloud and more looking at really cool images. It will be lots of fun. Bring friends.

In other news, we have selected 49 of our 150 print submissions. Authors whose work has been chosen will be notified by e-mail very soon.

The Eerdmans Prize winners for best poetry and best prose will be selected this weekend from the pool of  submissions that will be included in this semester’s issues of Opus. The winners will be announced at the Honors Convocation and will also receive a monetary reward. Two lucky students will be receiving a congratulatory notice soon as well.

Mid-Editorial Process Update

We are in the midst of the editorial process for the Spring 2013 issue of Opus!
Here are the dates, locations, and times for our remaining editorial meetings this semester:

Print Submissions Meetings
Tuesday, March 5, Lubbers 221, 6pm
Thursday, March 7, Lubbers 222, 7pm

Visual Art Submission Meeting and review of Accepted Print Submissions
Thursday, March 14, Lubbers 222, 7pm

Hope to see you there as we wind up the selection process!

Stay tuned for Opus Soup, an event to promote the release of the newest edition of Opus in which students can present or read their creative work. It should be happening mid-April.