Docupoetics and other Cool Stuff!

Hi, everyone!  Sadina here, a co-editor of Opus! For my multi-genre class, I’ve been reading a lot of docupoetic material, so I did a little research and thought I’d share some rando factos about it! For starters, docupoetics is slang for documentary poetry. It’s an interesting form of poetry where one collects accounts from archives, […]

Treat Yo’ Self (And Other Sound Advice)

Welcome back! Opus is so happy to be back. Our editorial staff is already working hard to recruit submissions and organize meetings for the upcoming year! Opus is now accepting submissions until September 19th  by midnight, so submit if you have anything you want to share! We are proud to display the diversity on campus and […]

Why We Read

Hi guys! I’m Abby, poetry co-editor, and I’m excited to be writing for the Opus blog again! I’ve recently been reminded of a very important aspect of why I read. Yesterday I was babysitting and snuck the kids into bed early, grabbed Tennyson’s “In Memoriam”, and settled into an over-stuffed chair.  Within a few stanzas, […]