Common poetry critiques from Opus staff and how to avoid them

Have you ever felt like the criteria for getting a piece into Opus is elusive and mysterious? Maybe you’ve been frustrated with a poem you thought deserved publication, or you just didn’t understand the notes you got on it. Well, I’m here to help! In this post, I’ll share with you a behind-the-scenes look into […]

List of Tiny Desk Concerts to Set the Vibe of Your Creative Space

One of my favorite stages in the creative process is creating the right environment to work. To me, there is nothing better than making sure the lighting is right, creating my playlists, and getting my favorite mug for tea. I know that each person has a different vibe and workspace that suits them best. Whether […]

Taking a Break

Hello! I’m Claire Schoenberger, the prose editor. I hope you’re all staying warm this weekend!  Everyone knows that thanksgiving break is the long awaited release of stress that is absolutely essential for a successful finals week. If you don’t get that break, odds are that the motivation you feel to study for finals goes from about […]