What baking muffins at 5am taught me about being a writer…

Last night a series of comical, unfortunate, satirical events led to me realizing I hadn’t baked two dozen muffins for a volunteer event occurring at 6:30 the next morning. Already in bed for the night, instead of staying up late I opted to set my alarm for 5am.   The list of tasks for the […]

Farewell: 5 Things Opus Taught Me about Life

I write this with deep sadness; it’s my final Opus blog post. Over the past year as co-editor, and the semester before as poetry editor, I’ve had a wonderful experience. And I don’t just mean that in an abstract way. Nope. I’ve loved working with and learning from everyone that Opus reaches. I don’t know […]

Natural Heat — Get Weird with It

Hello everyone! It’s Sadina here, one of the Opus co-editors. This month is so exciting because Opus has so many events scheduled! Next week, Tuesday April 5th at 8 pm in Winants Auditorium (Graves Hall) there will be a reading from our beloved professors themselves with pizza and conversation after. The professors reading include: Jesus Montano Susanna Childress Rob Kenagy […]

Friendly Encouragement (or how to survive as an artist).

   As artists, we often need encouragement when we work. I’m not talking about having a team of cheerleaders beside us, screaming our names as we feverishly type or slash brushstrokes across the canvas, though that might help the more extroverted artists among us. I’m talking about the kind of encouragement that inspires us to keep […]