Yailyn Compres ’23 – The Chicago Semester

Hello Everyone and welcome to my blog, 

My name is Yailyn Compres and I’m a senior at Hope and I’m a Communications major with a focus on Media Production and Criticism. I’m a military child so I’m from many places! I currently live in Kansas but I have lived in Illinois, Washington, and  New York. I’m excited to spend time in Chicago and I’m looking forward to hopefully doing an internship that is involved with Media Production. I’m interested in editing, producing, and cinematography and I think Chicago is the perfect place to give me more experience in Media Production. 

I’m excited to meet new people and be exposed to a big city like Chicago. It will definitely put me out of my comfort zone because I have always lived in the suburbs. I’m excited to learn more about other people, try new foods, explore the city, and get experience with professionals. 

I’m excited to share my journey with you all and I hope to help anyone who is interested in the Chicago semester in the future! I’m looking forward to all the new experiences I’m going to have. And I can’t wait to live in a city like Chicago!

See you soon!