Getting My Bearings

What a whirlwind my study abroad journey has been thus far. I am thankful I made it to Barcelona safely and in a timely manner. But, that was not the case for everyone. My flight to Barcelona left from JFK airport the day that Hurricane Ida was rolling through the East Coast. Luckily, my flight endured minimal delay and we took off with little turbulence. However, about twenty students from my program flew out of Newark airport. Their flights got delayed for days, luggage was lost, and it was a mess.

Both of my roommates in Barcelona got caught in Newark airport. I spent a few nights alone in our empty apartment before they arrived. I felt more secure and comfortable having more people in the apartment.

Our apartment is just a five minute walk from where we take classes, which is very rare. We have a three bedroom, two bathroom apartment which is plenty of room for the three of us. There was some frustrating confusion with our room situation provided by IES. However, this is their first full semester in almost two years having students back in Barcelona, so I understand some hiccups.

We are staying in a wonderful location with a café and an excellent tapas bar steps from our front door. Overall, I enjoy my roommates and love our apartment. Our view is not front-facing towards the street, but we have a beautiful view of gardens and other apartments near us.

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Class of 2023 Communication Major, Business Minor IES Barcelona, Spain

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