When in Wien!

Geography is a fascinating topic. Living in Europe has given me a new view of distance and travel time. Coming from the United States, we drive most places and are used to longer travel times because we live in a massive country. Coming to Barcelona, I did not expect everywhere to be so close. Most of my flights for my weekend trips have been under a two-hour plane ride. Comparable to flying from Michigan to Florida. This is one of the many benefits of being in Europe.

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to explore Vienna (Wien in German) with one of my roommates. When I think about traveling in Europe, I think of Rome, London, Paris, but not Vienna. With that being said, Vienna is probably my favorite trip I have been on. I fell in love with Austrian culture and architecture. Last weekend, our diets consisted of schnitzel, pretzels, and goulash . It was colder in Vienna than Barcelona so we enjoyed seeing the fall leaves at the Belvedere and Shönbrunn Palace gardens.

In Vienna, I experienced my first Opera show and it was beautiful! Seeing the orchestra and all of the seats in the building filled with people in awe of the singers was amazing. The culture of the people is also different than Barcelona. All of the people my roommate and I encountered in Vienna were more warm and welcoming. Naschmarkt, Vienna’s oldest market, was one of the last places we visited before we left. All of the vendors were jovial, giving us samples and interacting with us. We enjoyed this trip very much. See you in my next adventure!

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