Weekend in Lot

Last weekend I went to the Lot, a department in the south of France, with my program.  Lot personifies and surpasses all the cliché images that come to mind when you think of southern French countryside.  When we first arrived we explored a prehistoric cave, bison and mammoth cave drawings and all! It was absolutely incredible, however I was unable to take pictures as it damages the paintings.

We stayed at a hostel called Eco-Oasis, a charming and eco-friendly place nestled in the foothills.  It is run by a wonderfully kind couple who cooked the most delicious, organic meals! I could go on forever about the food in this country, especially the bread!  We did a fair share of hiking, but it did not come close to compensating for my gorging on the multi-course meals.


The hike was cold, but we prepared with absurd amounts of layers.  We hiked to St. Cirque Lapopie, a very small village that was voted the most pleasant in all of France.  Apparently in the summer it is constantly packed with people, but we had it all to ourselves.  And right on cue, it started snowing in the most magical way, fat flakes with no wind.

ImageImageAnd back in Toulouse, the city is transforming! As we transfer from winter to spring, the warmth brings everyone out into the streets with music and costumes and wonderful antics! If I was still getting lost everyday, it would be like living in an entirely new city all over again.


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