Vienna Waited For Me

Travel Day

After two long years of waiting, I am finally leaving for Vienna in less than two hours. Can you feel the anxious energy seeping through the text? I checked my bags in at exactly the weight limit – not an ounce over and not an ounce under. From there, I said goodbye to my parents and made my way through TSA check. I highly recommend enrolling in TSA pre-check; it made the process quick and easy.

Now, I sit here typing away the time until my flight begins to board and I’m on my way to Vienna. Next up: arrival day fun.

Arrival Day

As soon as I claimed my bags at the airport, I taxied to my studio apartment in the 20th district of Vienna. The 20th district, also known as Brigittenau, is mainly residential buildings occupied by students and immigrants. After checking in and unpacking a few essentials, my new neighbors and I went to a local cafe to get a taste of some delicious Austrian food. I ordered Wiener schnitzel, which is one of Austria’s national dishes – and for good reason! Wiener schnitzel is a cutlet of pork or beef (this differs depending on your location) that is breaded and pan-fried to perfection. If you think fried chicken is good, this is a must-have. The crispy bread to meat ratio is out of this world. After dinner we decided to call it a night since we had such a long day of travel.

Wiener schnitzel from Dresdnerhof (the cafe down the street)
Wiener schnitzel from Dresdnerhof (the cafe down the street)
The view from my window in the 20th district
The view from my window in the 20th district

Despite the jet-lag, I can’t wait to see what adventures the next few days bring. I’m super excited to continue sharing my stories from my off-campus journey with you all.

Bis später (see you later!)

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