This past weekend, three of the French girls and I went to Manchester. If you know anything about me you know I love bees. In Manchester there are bees everywhere. There were bees on the sides of buildings, trash cans and in shops. I found a honey diffuser! (I did not buy it.) Seeing all the bees made me so happy.

We went to Manchester at the perfect time. I am surprised that Halloween is celebrated in England. The lines for costume shops were wild and 100-200 people deep. I experienced this in Manchester as well as Liverpool.

In Manchester, there were pumpkins hanging from trees, Halloween music flooding the streets, and blow-up monsters everywhere we turned. They also had ghost busters and fuzzy monsters photo opportunities around town.  

In the center of the city, there was a whole haunted display. As we walked through the display, we saw a film crew with two large red balloons you could not miss. I asked them what they were doing. I thought it was a proposal, but they said it was a TV show called First Date. It was so funny to see them redoing a clip over and over with different reactions. I think most know that reality TV is scripted but it still takes me by surprise when I see it first hand as well as how they act in the breaks.

Of course, right next to the Halloween decorations there was a Christmas village set up but that’s for another day.

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