Life at the Lake: Lago de Sanabria

A few weeks ago I took a trip with a small group of people from IES for a weekend trip to Lago de Sanabria. The lake is one of the largest lakes in Spain (nothing compared to Lake Michigan, though), and we hiked in the mountains surrounding this natural park. As we were driving into the mountains I realized how much I’ve missed nature. I’ve been in a city for so long, the mountains were a literal breath of fresh air!

Puebla de Sanabria

On Friday we had a tour of Puebla de Sanabria, a small town nearby. Our tour guide dressed in medieval attire to contextualize the history of the area, and she told stories to make us laugh and have a great time! After our tour, we stopped for lunch and then went on a hike. It was a tough and rocky trek up the mountain, but were rewarded by the incredible view of the lake once we made it to the top. We were also on the lookout for cows as obstacles on the way and navigating the rocky slope was a puzzle which kept us entertained.

                       Mountain Cows

Lago de Sanabria: view from the top!

Hiking day 2

The next day we went on another hike! The landscape on Saturday was very Lord of the Rings-esque, and once again it was incredible. After lunch we went to a famous wolf reservation where we could see the wolves that used to roam freely throughout the whole peninsula.





Sunday was our last day, and our activity was to take a boat ride on the lake! We were on a 100% eco-friendly boat that was created so that the lake can remain clear and unpolluted. It was a perfect relaxing weekend to be in nature, see a little snow, and prepare to be back in Salamanca!

Snow! Dare I say I missed winter in Michigan?

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