Isle of Man

This week I tackled Ilse of Man. I started my day doing homework. Since I am staying in a hotel and not a hostel, I brought my computer which is great! As we move towards the end of the semester, more and more assignments need to be completed.

After the morning studies, I went for hikes. The hikes are between 12-14 mile hikes. I hiked in Douglas alone the cliffs, Peel to Gren Maye, and Laxey and the surrounding area. I would come back to the hotel and have dinner. Then write an assignment, and go to sleep. It was a nice and slow pace weekend, but very productive.

The Ilse of Man is really windy all the time. It is expected from a small island in the middle of the sea. When I was packing, I made sure to bring extra warm clothes. Once I was covered up, I was content with the weather and wind.

The crazy thing about hiking in the Isle of man are the gates. You walked through gates and it seemed like you were going through someone’s backyard or farm but the sign says public footpath. Some gates you had to climb over. These are a bit sketchy and wobbly as you step on a single plank that ran through the fence. All of this adds to the wild adventures I get to have in different countries.

I really liked being in the wild and running into animals unexpectedly. I never thought I would walk through a herd of goats or sheep. Some I believe are wild as there was no gate keeping them from coming into the town.

On top of the wildlife, the beauty in Ilse of Man is one of the most beautiful places I have been to. I would go back in a heart beat.

The path along the cliff was right on the edge. The top pictures show you how fine the line was between path and cliff.

In the bottom left picture I was waiting for the bus on a beautiful day overlooking the sea.

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