Fancy a Cup of Tea?

One of my final trips, London, felt like a vacation. Although it was a new country, I had a sense of relaxation and ease. The language barrier in Spain is a unconscious stressor for me so, going to an english-speaking country was a break in itself.

London is such a large city! There is so much to do! There is no way to see everything in the three days I was there with my friends. However, we saw a lot. We visited museums like the British museum, the National Gallery, and the Tate modern art museum. The weather was a bit chilly and rainy so it was nice to tuck into a museum here and there to escape the rain.

One of the highlights of the trip though, was high tea at the Kensington Palace Pavilion. High tea is so fun! There are little sandwiches, tea cakes, and the tea itself was delicious too. We got to take a red double decker bus, take pictures in a red telephone booth, and see the changing of the guards.

A final highlight was the theater. I have missed live shows so much in the COVID-19 pandemic. We saw Les Miserables and although I have seen it before, it was amazing. Our seats were in a great location and the performers were phenomenal. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to travel and experience these things. As this is one of my last trips of my abroad experience, I am feeling very grateful looking back on my time in Europe.

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