FIVE trains later, I arrived in Edinburgh. I am blown away by the beauty. From the timeless Old Town to the shops in the New Town, I’m slowly falling in love. I did my history, as I do with every place. The city is so easy to navigate I never need a map to find my way around.

My favorite part about Scotland is the way cities are tucked into the hills. Edinburgh is built into seven hills. This means there are some absolutely beautiful views inside the city!!!! I am sure I will never get bored or regret the sights of particular sunsets.

The pictures are of:

  1. Stirling Castle: the national animal is a unicorn and Stirling castle has no shortage of unicorns scattered about.
  2. View from the National Monument
  3. Edinburgh Castle
  4. View of Edinburgh
  5. View from Stirling Castle
  6. Inside the walls of Stirling Castle
  7. In the Queens Palace (inside Stirling Castle): They had live actors talking about their jobs, room facts and lives.
  8. View near Arthurs Seat

The places I visited are:

  1. Arthur’s Seat
  2. Outside of Holyrood Palace (Outside)
  3. The Royal Mile
  4. Scottish National Gallery
  5. Edinburgh Museum
  6. Stirling city and castle
  7. Petticoats and Pinnacles: An exhibit revealing what life was like for the first female hikers and climber.
  8. Scott Monument
  9. Edinburgh Castle (Outside)
  10. St. Giles Cathedral
  11. Victoria Road
  12. Charlotte Square
  13. Georgian House (Outside)
  14. George Street
  15. The Dome
  16. Parish Church of St. Andrews and St. George
  17. Scottish National Portrait Gallery
  18. St. Andrew’s Square
  19. Dugald Stewart Monument
  20. Calton Hill Observatory
  21. Nelson Monument
  22. National Monument

The city is very easy to get around.

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