Day-trip to Brasov!

This past Saturday we spent the day in the city of Brasov. We began our morning with a hike up the Canionul Sapte Scari, or the Seven Stairs Canyon. Heights make me nervous, to say the least, but I survived the climb despite the cold, wet, and slippery ladders! The ladders were sturdy, and everyone in our group successfully completed the climb. We were completely safe. 😉

Scary and slippery ladders, but the climb was worth it!
Scary and slippery ladders, but the climb was worth it!

After climbing through the canyon and observing the waterfall, we hiked up and around the mountainside, exploring the beautiful scenery. Hikes here are my favorite, and I love being surrounded by God’s wonderful nature.

Fun fun hiking :)
Pictured at the bottom are a few of the group members after successfully climbing the canyon! On the top left, I am sitting on top of the highest point that we climbed that day. From that point, we could see the city center of Brasov. Pictured on the top right are the beautiful trees of the forest that I absolutely love. =)

After the hike, our group visited the downtown for a couple of hours. We grabbed a bite to eat, drank exceptional coffee, and toured the city by foot. A couple of our group members chose to take a gondola ride up to a high point on the hillside to overlook the city square, which I head was a great view, but I chose to explore the city and enjoy window-shopping with a couple of the other group members.

Downtown in the center
Downtown in the center of Brasov! Pictured on the top left is a glimpse of the coffee shop that we visited. Excellent coffee! Bottom left is a picture of the famous gothic Black Church, where we unfortunately were not able to view the inside. This church holds the largest church bells in Romania (which weigh roughly seven tons!), and is one of the largest gothic churches in Eastern Europe.

It was a fun day, and by the end of it I was exhausted. Thankfully, I have always found it easy to fall asleep in vehicles, so I slept for the majority of the two and half hour car-ride back to Sighisoara. =)

La revedere!

Marga =)

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