Big Hope 2: First Day Thoughts

Hey, everyone! Quick life update: I’m spending this next week in Liverpool, England, at a global leadership conference called The Big Hope 2! 400 students have traveled from all over the world to attend these leadership seminars together! I was given this opportunity through my Social Work academic advisor, Dr. Feaster, and am traveling with 20 awesome students from Hope! I couldn’t be more excited for what I’ll learn in the coming days and thought I would share a bit about our first day here. What I’ve learned today has already challenged me to think deeper about how to be a better leader, and overall, a better person!
While there weren’t any seminars today, there were a few comments made during our opening ceremonies that I took note of…

A quote was shared from Baroness Caroline Cox of Queensberry— “I believe in the sun even when I cannot see it, and I believe in love even when I cannot feel it. Love isn’t feeling, it’s DOING.”

Rev. Michael Lapsley stated that, “every story needs a listener.” Also, “whether religious or not, we are all simply trying to figure out WHY we’re here.”

And His Excellency Karma Ura said, “half a tree isn’t visible, it’s underground. Half a person isn’t visible — you cannot fully understand them unless you see their roots.”

As someone who wants to work with people, I LOVED hearing this messages this afternoon. It motivated me to have an open mind to new friends, new discussions, and even new food! I’m happy that some of my closest friends are a part of this group, but I’m also eager to see what new friendships develop after this conference!


By Madelyn Mikitka

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