A Weekend in Paris

One of the many pros to studying abroad in Europe is that you are so close to other European countries. My flight this past weekend to Paris took less time than it would take me to fly from Michigan to Florida. In my program, IES classes are 90 minutes Monday through Thursday which gives us Fridays off every week. This way, traveling on the weekends is very accessible.

Over the weekend, I took advantage of my long weekend and ventured to Paris, France. The architecture and history astounded me. Although most European metropolitan countries share many similarities, it is interesting to view these differences first-hand. French architecture is predominately more Gothic in style. Where I am studying in Barcelona, we have a Gothic district but there is a greater variety in architecture styles. Barcelona has more modernist architecture.

I thoroughly enjoyed the French cuisine. My friends and I watched the sun set at Sacrè-Cœur while we visited the many food tents. There were a variety of French comfort foods here like different breads, meats, and cheeses. After this, we found a quaint French bistro and got to dine in their wine cellar. French cuisine is so thoughtful in their creation and execution. Out of all of my weekend trips thus far, Paris has been my favorite. See you next time!

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