A Stroll Through Sitges

Welcome back to another adventure in Spain! My program here in Barcelona offers weekend day trips for students. Just this past weekend I attended my first day trip to a town south of Barcelona called Sitges.

This day trip consisted of a beautiful walking tour of the quiet city, a delightful lunch, and some free time to explore. First, we met our tour guide and began walking around the city. Sitges has lots of stone streets and colorful buildings. Our tour guide explained to us that the buildings left white were to indicate that fisherman lived there. This was to communicate to locals who to buy food from. The other colorful buildings lit up the town, some buildings had tile mosaics adding color to the streets. On one leg of our walking tour we stopped in a beautiful terrace covered with greenery at the Jardins De Beyrouth.

After the walking tour, we made our way to a restaurant for lunch. This lunch consisted of three courses, the aperitivos, paella, and coffee. We started with a green salad, calamari, patatas bravas, and hummus. Next, they brought out generous servings of seafood paella. Finally, we drank coffee and had an option for dessert. It was an authentic Spanish lunch as we spent about two and a half hours at the restaurant.

Following lunch, we were given free time to explore the city. During my free time, I walked around the town and visited the local beach. The beach in Sitges was much quieter than beaches in Barcelona which I appreciated. Sitges has a much more small-town feel.

I finished my trip with a leisurely walk to find gelato and headed back to Barcelona with my classmates. I am thankful that my program puts on trips like these because they are an easy and efficient way to see more of Spain while I am abroad.

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