Prehistoric Mystery

A couple weekends ago, I was able to take a train down south with a friend to visit one of the best known ancient wonders of the world – Stonehenge! Before coming to England, this was one of my bucket list items to see. As I soon discovered, this prehistoric site gets mixed reactions among […]

Street Art

One of my favorite parts of living in cities is the constant inundation of art. There are buskers in the street playing music at all hours of the day, free museums to explore, and street art and graffiti everywhere. Street art is so captivating to me because it is ever-changing. Artists can cover someone else’s […]

Pinch-Me Moments

“It’s like a movie!”  I have been repeating this phrase so many times as I stand in awe at the beauty of England. From the bustling streets of the city to the quaint towns only a few miles away from London, I cannot get over how gorgeous the historic areas are compared to the modern […]

Far From Home

8 hours and 3,848 miles later… I have made it to London! What a whirlwind this past week has been! From arriving last Tuesday and adjusting to the new time zone along with the anticipated jet lag to slowly navigating my way around the city, my time here has been filled with nothing short of […]

Let the London Adventures Begin!

Oh my goodness, my first week in London has already come and gone. IES’s orientation was a perfect balance of informative and helpful when it came to navigating the city, culture, and classrooms while allowing us enough free time to do anything I wanted without being rushed. I saw beautiful architecture and street art as […]

My Quest for a Sunday Service

One of the goals I had for studying abroad was to consistently attend a church on Sundays. I thought that if I went to a service each week, I’d be able to make some connections within the London community and see how other Christians around the world worship each week. Now, this didn’t exactly go […]

So you don’t speak the language…

While studying abroad, I’ve been traveling all over the European Union. Catching a train or a flight has become second nature to me. But when I booked a flight to Paris, I was really nervous. This was my first time traveling to a country where I didn’t speak the native language. Thankfully I studied French […]

Here’s what you should ACTUALLY pack

For those of you who are studying abroad soon, I’m sure you’re trying to plan how you are going to pack everything you’ll need into a suitcase and a back pack. There are hundreds of lists online about what you should or should not bring, and believe me, I read a good chunk of them […]