British Life

So much has happened every single day there is no better way to tell you than a daily breakdown. But first, an introduction! What is really cool about my program, that none of us quite knew, is we have our weeks broken down in a way of exploration. The first two, middle one, and last […]

Covid Summer

Everyone prepares to go abroad differently. For me and COVID I have had many many MANY new fallback plans as COVID is ever evolving. As I mentioned in my last post, putting my heart into the adventure as of now is still hard for me. I have been holding off on cutting ties to classes […]

Sister Schools

What is neat about Hope College and Liverpool Hope university (LHU) is that they are sister schools! This means that I can enroll directly into the school without going through a third-party organization. This is nice because there are less steps to go through, and makes the process a lot easier on me. My advisor […]

Closing in!

Hi everyone, I am so excited to share my semester abroad with you all! I wanted to start by explaining my choice with Liverpool Hope University is followed by how COVID has shaped my abroad experience. I chose Liverpool Hope University because of the arts department. In the field of dance, it can be challenging […]

Abroad and On Campus?

The past few weeks have been crazy as I was on campus as students moved in and classes started for the fall semester. I got questions about how strange it felt but honestly, I loved spending the first week and a half in Holland. The energy and excitement from the new freshman was amazing. And […]

Trust your gut ;)

Food has definitely been a recurring topic on this blog, but this post is extra special to me.  I had the unexpected opportunity to independently travel outside of England and visit Marseille, France. It was upon recommendation of my dad who said “the food there is great!” I quickly discovered that, as per usual, he […]

Quick Ramblings

I will forever be grateful for this amazing experience. I feel incredibly blessed to be studying abroad and learning from a new lens, but I have to admit, at times, it is hard being away from home. I miss my amazing, loving parents and sun-shiny sister so, so much, even though our family group chat […]

A Familiar Face & More Hot Takes

This past weekend one of my best friends came to visit me in Liverpool, all the way from Michigan! The travel bug has surely spread through my friend group as she left me to head for Ireland, Germany and Poland. A curious thing happened this weekend – I became a tour guide of sorts. What […]

A Wale(s) of a time

Standing back on solid ground with my hands shaking, a classmate asked me, “Is this what you imagined studying abroad would be like?” I replied, “No, I imagined myself in the library doing homework!,” to which our international student support manager overheard us, laughed, and smiled.  I had just completed the second part of that […]