Canoa: Sun, Sand, & Storytelling

This weekend my friends and I traveled to a town on the coast called Canoa. Canoa is not the typical beach town that you think of, but rather it consists of hostels and small outdoor restaurants/bars that line the beach. It isn’t very developed, giving it a feeling of seclusion and peacefulness which makes for an […]

A Weekend in Mindo

This past weekend I traveled with fourteen other people from my program to Mindo. Mindo is a quaint little town located north of Quito in the Andean foothills. We arrived in Mindo on Friday morning after a two hour bus ride and went straight to our hostel, Bio Hostal. This was my first experience staying […]

Welcome to Ecuador

One week ago I left everything comfortable behind to embark on a 4 1/2 month journey to Quito, Ecuador. I left my home, family, friends, favorite foods, the snow (not too sad about that one), and the all of the security that comes through those things. I’m now living in a new country where the language, […]