The Heart of Oaxaca

Did you know that Oaxaca is the state in Mexico with the highest indigenous population? In fact, there are 16 officially recognized groups. However, the reality is there are so many subgroups, the “true” number is unknown, but their presence is undeniable. This grand diversity of cultures and people groups explains the more than 70 […]

The one where the Earth trembles

“Sarah, Sarah!! Grab your chanclas and come downstairs!! Hurry!” Dee cried out to me as the world’s most horrid sound blared in the background.  In a state of confusion, I rushed downstairs and out the door just as the ground began to shake, the telephone poles swaying and dogs howling in reaction. Oh how little I […]


Those of you who are thinking of studying abroad may be wondering the structure of orientation. Personally, I was very nervous about attending the orientation. I was worried about understanding Spanish instructions, making new friends, and actually getting ready for the semester. It has been more than a month since I attended this orientation, but […]

Reunion by the World’s Largest Pyramid!

One of the best aspects of being involved with the International and TCK (Third Culture Kids) students at Hope College is that you get to meet students from all over the world with different cultures. “A country” becomes “the country” and widens your perspectives and worldview. There are more than 80 students from all over […]


– Nos vemos mañana! (“see you tomorrow”) – Nos vemos! I am finally in my new bed at my host family’s house in Puebla, Mexico. Lying on the bed and charging my dead phone, I am reflecting on my eventful day.  11:46 am. My flight departed from Bentonville, Arkansas, where I spent an amazing winter […]

México Mágico

  Hello everyone, Mexico is an amazing country to study abroad in. One of my favorite parts of being here is the opportunity to venture out into other parts of Mexico. The culture is so rich and diverse and traveling is not very expensive. Although it seems impossible to see all of Mexico during this semester, […]