World’s Biggest Game of Frogger

Did anyone else love the computer game Frogger growing up? The adrenaline rushing through your fingers as tiny timed movements determined the fate of a little digitized frog? One incorrect press of the arrow keys and beep! beep! the little frog is smooshed beneath a tire. Thinking about it makes me rather nostalgic. Well, that […]

Hey look Ma, I made it!

I had my moment (*queues Rebecca Black*). To be exact, that moment when you’re learning a new language and everything just seems to click. Two months in Mexico and a lightbulb just went off. Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means fluent, I just feel confident and comfortable that I can communicate what […]

A Change of Pace

Just like that, my classes are done! In the blink of an eye, ten weeks flew by and I am stepping into the next phase of my program: research! A unique part of all SIT programs is the transformation of the final month of studying abroad into an opportunity for students to participate in either […]

Let’s Build an Ofrenda!

One by one, we place the cempasúchils, mezcal, fruit, and more that serve as offerings and guides to los difuntos (loved ones that have passed). Alongside my host mom, we complete the final steps of lighting the candles and burning copal and the ofrenda is complete! El Día de Los Muertos is a special season […]

La Flor del Muerto

All around me papel picado waves in the sky, cempasúchils (aka marigolds) line the streets, and pan de muertos occupy the shelves of every panadería. Spooky season: Mexico style (better known as Day of the Dead) has officially commenced. Take all of your ideas from past Spanish classes or Disney’s Coco and throw them out […]

Over + Under

Teotitlan del Valle. With a name like that, one would expect an archaeological masterpiece or something. For that very reason, I was quite underwhelmed when, after a bumpy 40-minute ride, the bus pulled up to a rather insignificant-looking building. Boy was I wrong. I walked in the door and immediately my eyes fixated on the […]

Walking Among Alebrijes

Instantly my vision flooded with colors, from captivating reds to vibrant purples, and my nose filled with the scent of freshly carved wood. Just another day in the classroom. The copal trees provided some much-needed shade from the baking sun as we meandered through the workshop observing the artists in action. After all, it’s not […]

Life on Mitla

Everyone’s familiar with the classic waking up to the crow of a rooster trope, but how many of you wake up to the sound of a mooing cow? I do! No, it’s not a real cow, but rather the song for the gas trucks here in Oaxaca that wake me up every morning with their […]

Many Miles to Mexico

“Wait a minute, you’re scared!” my friend proclaimed. “Correction, I’m absolutely terrified,” I laughed with a look of panic in my eye. This exchange happened no earlier than a week ago and while I have managed to calm myself down, my wariness remains. In T-24 hours I embark on my semester abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico […]