Day Trip: Howth, Co. Dublin

During their taxi rides in, several members of our writers group had been told of a quaint fishing village nearby, that had the best cliffside views one could hope for. After a bit of research, we discovered that this village was called Howth- from Old Norse Hofuth, meaning a promontory- and was only a half […]

Reflections from a hobbit (at heart)

If I took a quiz on which fictional fantasy character I would be, based on personality, I am at least 80% sure I would end up as Bilbo Baggins. Specifically, pre-dwarven company Bilbo Baggins; the Bilbo Baggins who sits in his aesthetically-pleasing hobbit hole, drinking tea, and by firelight reading in a plush armchair. Maybe […]

On The Rocky Road to Dublin

January 8th (first day of orientation), I woke up not exactly remembering where I was. Squinting out my window into a powerful gray sky, and listening to the harsh calls of seagulls reminded me: oh yeah, I’m in Dublin. There are far more seagulls in Dublin than I expected, as I didn’t even think there would […]

Dublin architecture

                        I was strolling around the city one day when I decided to snap some pics of the surrounding buildings. The architecture is very gothic, very fitting for a city that is known for its Gothic culture, especially in architecture and literature. One interesting fact […]