Visiting Archeological Sites!

Finally, after three months of waiting, the Municipality of Athens decided to reopen all of the outdoor museums and archeological sites. Having been here for months and not being able to go see the things that Athens is best known for was quite difficult. For this reason, I have gone a bit stir-crazy in visiting […]

Making Friends Abroad

My program is pretty small. There are 30 students, total, in the Spring 2021 class participating in the College Year in Athens program. You would think this makes it easier to makes friends, but with the reality of COVID-19, it is not that simple. My classes are all online and everyone in my program has […]

Cultural Differences in Greece

Each country has a variety of differences in food, music, values, religion, and more. All of these, together, create a unique culture that is valuable and really fun to learn about. Athens has a unique history that is tied to an Ancient past that most people have learned about in school. While many things have […]

Snow…In Athens?

It is true that having grown up in Michigan I am used to seeing snow in February, but when I came to Athens, it is definitely not something I had expected. As seen below, the ancient ruins of the Acropolis were covered in white fluff. While I walked around, I wondered if Plato or Aristotle […]

Getting Settled in Athens!

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog! I have been in Athens, Greece, for a few weeks now and I’m loving every second of it. When I first arrived, I needed to participate in the mandatory 7-day quarantine, and I was super anxious to explore. Since the end of my quarantine, I have been all […]

Balancing Travel

One thing that has been really different being in Europe compared to being in South America is the travel opportunities. In Europe, it is really easy (and pretty cheap) to travel to a variety of countries within a pretty short timespan. For example, I just returned from being in Istanbul for a long weekend. While […]

Early Bird Gets the Worm

A lesson I learned last semester: don’t wait to ask for opportunities. The semester isn’t as long as you think it will be and you don’t want to wait too long. This happened to me when I visited the archaeological lab in Ecuador. It was a fantastic experience and I loved visiting, but I found […]

It’s All Greek to Me

Γεια σας! That’s Greek for “hi everyone!” One of my concerns coming to Greece was that I didn’t even know how to say hello. Coming from Ecuador, where I spoke the language, this was really intimidating to me. How was I supposed to manage in a country where I couldn’t even ask for directions (and […]

Where am I?

We’re trying something different this time! I made a short animation to describe the situation I’m starting the semester with, and give a little background on how it’s different from last semester. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to study in such different countries and programs, and I can’t wait to explore the differences with […]

Eyelashes (Athens, Greece)

Eyelashes, or if you prefer the Greek, βλεφαρίδες, are what I’ve wished on from the moment I thought I could study abroad (roughly 19 months, 9 days, 16 hours and 31 minutes ago). I would peer at them for a moment, tiny and delicate on my index finger, and resolve a melody of thoughts. This […]