Enrolled as an International Student: The Paris School of Business

Options, options, options. One of the most overwhelming parts of studying abroad is choosing where to go, let alone which program to participate in. Let me give you a little secret, though, that might make your decision easier: some study abroad programs let you directly enroll into a university within your city, giving you the […]

Weekend Walks in the Gardens of Versailles

Ah, what did I do this weekend? Thanks for asking! I walked eleven and a half miles through the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. No, I’m not kidding. Thus is the typical weekend in France. I live thirty minutes away from the Palace of Versailles, King Louis XIV’s extravagant land of palaces, golden gates, […]

Comfort vs Chaos: Why You Should Always be a Beginner at Something

It’s been eighty degrees and sunny all week here in Paris, and it feels like the end of spring—not the beginning of fall. However, assignments, tests, and homework are here to remind me that it is, in fact, the turn of the season into a new academic year. Starting school at IES Abroad in Paris […]

Vivre à Paris: Rules, Reasons and History

Paris is a complicated, historic city. There are unwritten rules to just about everything, and if you want to be treated like a local, you better follow them all. Unlike in newer American cities and towns, quick convenience and individual happiness are subject second to the city’s collective needs and functionality. Say au revoir to […]

An Open Letter to Pre-Study-Abroad-Me

Hi Em, I know you’re scared out of your wits right now, even though you’re too proud to admit it. As much as you want to put on a brave face for your mom, who will worry about you for the entirety of the time that you’re away from her, it’s okay that you’re scared. […]

Pardon my French

One of my primary motivations in choosing to study abroad in France, as opposed to anywhere else in the world, was to improve my French. Before I came to France, I had studied French for 5.5 years, 4 in high school and 1.5 in college. From those many years of studying the language, I was […]

About what just happened in Paris…

Monday, April 15, 2019. I was stuck inside all day studying for one of my finals. After hours of reviewing, I decided I’d finally had enough and I ought to go for a walk to clear my head. I laced up my tennis shoes and headed into the metro without a specific destination in mind. […]

Do I feel safe in Paris?

My sister and I were talking on the phone, about a week ago, when this question came up. Upon her asking, I was slightly stunned, why would I not feel safe? She then proceeded to forward me an email that she’d received from the United States Embassy which, sure enough, showed that the travel advisory […]

5 things that happened after I sprained my ankle in Paris

So a little bit of background: I really like to run so as I’ve been in Paris I’ve made it a habit to go out running a couple days out of the week. Right next to my apartment in Paris is the Bois de Boulogne (see my post La Maison Française for more information) which […]