How far I have come.

What comes to anyone’s mind when they hear Germany? Beer, football, sausages, etc. As much as I would be one of the people who tries to see through stereotypes, this past weekend was probably the most German experience I have had so far. Obviously that is considering the stereotype experiences. I and almost ten other […]

A Cross Section of Class (Part Two)

Antropología de la Diferenciación y la Estratificación Social (in Spanish at Universidad de Granada): This is by far my most intimidating class. I can say without a doubt, I have the lowest level of Spanish of anyone in the class. However, I am keeping up and learning a ton. As you can tell by the name […]

Village Study

I’m currently in the midst of a two week village study in an even more southern region of France! I’ve been quite busy and discovering a multitude of things, so I’ll do updates in installments as not to overwhelm.  The first three days were with the whole program in the most beautiful city, Collioure.  It’s […]

Outsiders View (with Insider’s Info)

My parents visited me here in Spain for the Holy Week celebrations here, and there are a few things that surprised/entertained/ shocked them, so I thought all y’all might be interested to hear them: Wee- fee: This is how Spainards say wifi. In the eloquent words of my mother, “It sounds like pee pee!” Table […]

Not-So-Everyday Happenings

Time is going so quickly, my mind is perpetually confused in some non-existent and illogical time frame.  My french language classes are coming to a close this Wednesday (hooray!) and Thursday I leave for a two week home stay in the mountains!!! Near the ocean!!! And a only a day-hike away from Spain!!! I’ve been […]