Belgrade Urban Running Team

Sometimes running really is the only thing that makes sense. No matter where I am in the world or how stressed I am, I always find time to run. 45 minutes, my Asics and suddenly everything is okay. Running really IS about community and it is one of my favorite aspects about the sport. My […]

24 Hours in Slovenia

Most SIT programs limit to students to traveling within the country they are studying. The reason for this is so students can focus on learning about that specific country and also so students can focus on their coursework as well since SIT is an academically rigorous program. This was never a problem in Tunisia and […]

Getting to Know Belgrade

This city is amazing. And I know I say that about every new place I visit, but Belgrade really is a unique place. I was surprised by how “hip” the city is. It has a large number of cultural cafes featuring poetry readings, film festivals, and performances by local artists. I have already stumbled upon […]

Besleema Tunisia

Saying goodbye is never easy. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many places and I’ve never really been ready to leave any of them. Although I’m excited to see my family and friends back home, I’m not yet ready to leave Tunisia. I feel so comfortable here. If only I could stay and continue […]

A Thanksgiving to Remember

Last Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving at SIT. We each made a dish and we planned to have everything ready by 4pm (we moved the time up from 6 because of the curfew). It was nice to sit down with everyone and just relax, instead of sitting around the table typing out ISP’s. On Sunday I […]


One of my favorite things about traveling is being able to meet people from all over the world. This past Saturday I was able to do exactly that through an organization called InterNations. InterNations is a website deigned to connect people who are living abroad. In a sense it provides a space for expats to […]

Southern Excursion: Part 2

On the fourth day we left Tozeur and headed towards Douz. along the way we stopped at the Chott el Djerid Salt Lake. It is the largest salt span in the Sahara and it 160 miles long. We had some fun walking around and exploring. We drove for several hours through the desert and wide […]