Summer Adventures

It’s hard to believe I only have one week left in Belgrade. This semester has flown by, what with the independent study month, multiple excursions and travel weekends. But my adventures are not over yet. After the program ends I will be traveling around the Balkans, spending time in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria for a […]

Building Community Through the Practice of Bikram Yoga

During ISP/ISPJ period we have very flexible schedules. We don’t have any scheduled class time, the entire month is devoted to working on our projects. Since I am spending less time in class I decided to take advantage of having a few more hours in my day. While my project takes up a good deal […]

The ICTY Comes to A Close

Last Tuesday, March 22, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia(ICTY) based in The Hague announced that Radovan Karadzic was guilty of committing genocide in Srebrenica. While the Balkans is usually a forgotten place in the world, last Tuesday articles about Karadzic appeared in newspapers worldwide. As I read those stories and imagined people […]

Exploring the Past in Sarajevo

Sarajevo is a beautiful city. The hotel we stayed in was in the old town which is in the center of the city has many shops and cobblestone streets. Sarajevo is in a valley and the city is surrounded by beautiful hills. I went running up these hills and was in awe of how beautiful […]

The Dayton (dis)Agreements

After spending a week in Belgrade after returning from Kosovo we left once again, this time for Bosnia & Herzegovina. The situation in Bosnia is very complicated. I will start first by describing the political situation. The current government system and way the country is divided was established in November 1995 with the signing of the Dayton […]

Picking My Way Through the Pijaca

I enter through a side entrance of Kalenic market to find myself among fur coats and random assortments of high heels. My boots “click-clack” on the uneven cobblestones as I make my way towards the food stands. Someone is playing Serbian music on a radio. A light rain begins to fall, yet people continue their […]

Contested Memory in Kosovo

This past week was our first study visit. What I love about SIT programs is that study trips are always included as part of the program and part of the learning process. These trips are invaluable as they really help contextualize the information we learn in class. For our first study visit we traveled to Kosovo, […]